• 77-79 Great Eastern St
  • London, EC2A 3HU
  • United Kingdom

BOLD ROCKET is delighted to present this talk from Alex Semenzato of Cortexica Vision Systems on an emerging technology that is going to change the way we shop – mobile visual search (MVS).

Imagine being able to take a photo of a product with your phone and then using that photo to search online for the same or similar products, based on shape, colour, design and texture. This is the promise of MVS, a technology that Cortexica are at the forefront of bringing to the masses with their FindSimilarTM software – an innovative, bio-inspired vision system that replicates the way that the human eye and neurons interact when recognizing and interpreting an image.

Join us for a fascinating insight into the latest developments of a technology that is shaping the future of retail!