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  • 89 Worship Street
  • London, EC2A
  • United Kingdom

In todays digital and connected world, where consumers and brands are more coherent than ever, how effective are influencers in gaining exposure to relevant demographics, and do they provide ‘real' ROI to the brands employing them?

For years consumers disregarded blatant celebrity endorsement, however, they seem to not only engage with but equally seek out new influencers to follow. Is this a more emotional era, where consumers and influencers share in the same values and lifestyles? And what is the success behind that?

We will find out why influencers followers keep on growing and why brands are so keen to get them on board and ask the question - how do we really tell what is organic commentary or paid sponsorship?

Panel will include Diipa Khosla (Top Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger), Debbie Cartwright (Managing Director at Fashion PR agency, IPR) and Nandita Khosla (Photographer). Join the discussion as we explore the pros and cons of including influencers in your digital marketing strategy and how much 'real' ROI they provide.