Dear FashTech Community, 

We’ve just had a really tough decision to make and it’s with great sadness that we’re writing to tell you that the FashTech Winter Summit has been postponed to Spring 2017.


Well, when you’ve been let down, as we have been, and you’re suddenly unable to secure in time the full sponsorship required to host the amazing FashTech Summit we had planned, what do you do?  You face some difficult choices.  If you go ahead, you are almost certainly going to lose money and put FashTech in jeopardy.  Hardly a sensible choice.  If you reduce the quality of the event, you are not going to be able meet the expectations of your guests, your speakers or your sponsors.  An even less sensible choice.

We decided that postponing the event was the only sensible course of action, because what we wanted most was to protect the relationships we’ve built with all of you – the FashTech community – the people we really care about.

To all those who bought tickets, fear not.  We’ll be in touch in the next couple of days to organise a refund and you should receive an email confirming it shortly afterwards.
We want to say a massive “THANK YOU” to a lot of people:

  • First, to all our speakers for their willingness to share their thoughts and, often, to reveal truths based on their very personal experiences.  The energy and excitement they brought to our Summit has been an inspiration.
  • Second, to everyone that came forward to help in all sorts of ways - you're all amazing and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Your kind efforts have been hugely appreciated.
  • Third, to all those who bought tickets and believed the Summit we had planned was going to give them insights they badly needed.

At FashTech HQ, we’re sad about what’s just happened.  However, we’ll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and carry on planning the next great events. We have some very exciting plans in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing what the future looks like very, very soon.


Alex Semenzato
Founder & CEO